About the Knox-DNA Project...



Hello Knox Descendants and Researchers!

The Knox DNA Project is a non-profit activity operated by volunteer, amateur genealogists. Our main purposes are two:

(1) To support one another in applying DNA analysis to research on Knox genealogy.

(2) To encourage "genealogical" DNA testing by greater numbers of Knox-surnamed men.

We're happy to report that the project now has results for 44 Knox-surnamed men, whom we can sort into 15 biologically distinct, unrelated family lines. 

Moreover we have a set of marker values for a man who doesn't carry the Knox surname. His DNA makes it appear, however, that he's a "biological Knox" whose ancestor's name was changed due to an unrecorded adoption. 

The project has also had the sort of breakthrough many genealogists only dream about, when we managed to match a group of 19 American Knox men with a Knox cousin who still lives in Ireland!

Of course, we can't guarantee to repeat this outcome for every family in the "Knox diaspora." But we certainly want to try! And we're persuaded that the best path for connecting more and more Knoxes to their long lost cousins -- whether cousins in Europe or elsewhere -- will be to recruit a much greater number of Knox-surnamed men for testing.

So please do consider supporting our research either (a) by ordering a DNA test for yourself, or (b) by sponsoring a test for one of your Knox-surnamed male relatives.

If you're not familiar with DNA genealogy, please be aware of the following important points:

(1) To trace your Knox family via DNA, we'll need a DNA sample from a man whose unbroken male-to-male line leads back to a Knox-surnamed male ancestor. Usually a test participant will carry the Knox surname. But the project welcomes adoptees and descendants of adoptees who carry other surnames, as long as they have good reason to think their unbroken male ancestral lines lead back to a Knox-surnamed ancestor.

(2) Females don't carry the sort of DNA that can be used for tracing the Knox surname (or any other surname) except in the rarest of cases. But a number of women are active in the Knox DNA Project by way of sponsoring tests for Knox-surnamed male relatives.

(3) The test we use is entirely painless, with no drawing of blood. It requires only three gentle swabs inside the mouth. This exercise is somewhat like brushing your teeth, only a lot easier!

(4) The specific DNA markers we use in genealogy are deliberately chosen so as not to convey information about your health or any other personal characteristics. 

Extremely attractive pricing is now available. For details, please see here:

Finally, if you just have questions, whether about DNA genealogy in general or about the Knox project in particular, please Email me at DNAProject@aol.com. I'm here to help! 

Best regards,

Jim Brown (James Armistead Brown, Jr.)
Project Administrator
Knox & Variant Surnames DNA Project



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