ADDING or UPDATING Your "Most Distant Proven Ancestor" Profile


Knox-DNA Study participants are encouraged to provide a Profile for their Most Distant Proven Ancestor. 


Why provide this information?

Since given names often repeat in within the same generation, your Line Number, ID number, names and birth/death dates and spouses will help differentiate various participating "Johns, Jameses, and Josephs..."

Providing dates (time frame) and locations will enable other Knox researchers to immediately assess the possibility of a connection to another participant within the project's line groupings.

You may choose between two methods for ADDING or UPDATING a Profile for your ancestor:

1) Post a message to the RootsWeb Knox-DNA Mail List. You must be a Knox-DNA Mail List subscriber to post to the List. (This is a free service provided by RootsWeb.  If you are not already a subscriber, please go here to subscribe to the Knox-DNA Mail List before you post.)

This method will ensure that your ancestor's profile will be available to anyone who searches the RootsWeb Mail List Archives. It will also automatically include your contact information.  RootsWeb Mail Lists are a popular source of Search Engine "buzz"  -- increasing the likelihood your information will be "found" in an online search by other Knox Researchers who may be unfamiliar with the website. A link to your message on the Knox-DNA Mail List will also be added to the website, so others may find you there as well.

or, you may

2) Send an email to the KnoxSociety Webmaster.  This method will add [or update] your ancestor's profile to the website; however, your information will not be available to Knox-DNA Mail List Archive searchers. 

Use this method only if 1) you do not wish to subscribe to the Knox-DNA Mail List, 2) you wish to keep your email contact information private, or 3) you'd just prefer to do it this way...

Using either method 1 or 2, please provide this
Basic Profile for your Most Distant Proven Ancestor:

Testing Service Name:
Group or Line Number:
Participant ID Number:

Most Distance Proven Ancestor's Name:
Birth date/location:
Death date/location:
(if known)

Wife/Wives: (include surnames, if known)
Birth date/location:
Death date/location:

Children by each wife: (include spouses of children, if known)

Birth date/location:
Death date/location:

Web Links: (Provide URLs for your Web Page, WorldConnect Project Database, etc.)

Optional, but encouraged

After providing the above basics, please feel free to add any other narrative you feel may be helpful to others in making a connection to your ancestor! Migration patterns and allied surnames are good examples.

Migration Data:
For example, if your Knox ancestor is known to have migrated from NC > TN > AL, etc. Include the Census years and locations where you've already traced your ancestor's movements. Others may find that they have similar Knox migration

Associated or Allied Surnames: Often associated surnames (wife's family, census and deed neighbors) and locations provide clues that trigger the discovery of additional family connections.



To UPDATE your MDA profile, please follow the above instructions for either method 1 or 2, and resubmit your complete MDA profile (with your corrections or additions), and state that this is an update to a previously submitted MDA profile.


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